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!author stuff: how do i shot tense

this is a writing journal and thus serves to archive, conveniently, and index (god i hope), writing that i do in other places. usually prompt communities. i really like prompt communities.

it is original fiction only; everything posted will follow this format (this is partly for me, fyi):
Story / World:
ratings PG13 and above will have an explanation (in parentheses) of why, blacked out if it's a spoiler. if you have specific triggers you need me to warn for, please let me know.

stories and worlds are colour-coded for easy navigation and all new posts will (in theory) link to their indexes once i have indexes. tagging will be by character, world, story, challenge, and anything else i can think of (for example, if i write a 31_days post about cat hydan exploring the white world set during illumination, it would be tagged for cat as a character, white as a world, illumination as a book, cause as a series, colourverse as a setting, and 31_days as where i did it first).

indexes will update every month. or something. maybe yearly. i'm really bad at indexes.

at some point there will be a sticky post linking to this and to every index, for ease of navigation.

that should be about it. any questions (about my obsession with satellite journals, about what i'm doing, about stories, about the fact that i wrote something incomprehensible and you want to know what i was on)? hit me up. i like questions.

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