Long Live No King

and you know the truth, I know it too
we've lost much since the world was new
gone 'round and 'round but now we're through
and you've left me and I've left you
but there is still one thing we can do
oh, I'd rather be at war than be dead
and I've never seen a light I couldn't spread
no, I've never seen a light I couldn't spread

{ Al + the Dark Materials }

July 2012

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Chondrilla juncea

Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 4,337
Story / World: bracketverse
Challenge: Literature workshop prompt musa lisonjera.
Other: 270º, High Hawk Season, after and if you ever make it to ten you won't make it again and two weeks later than try to leave no traces.
Characters: Ciel Noline, the blue ghost, Cosma Noline, Tabot Funk, Iene (the xana), Luca Elton (the Invented), Madeleine Fetch
Notes: The amount of times this has been tweaked back and forth from Spanish and English is ridiculous. I think this version is the most-edited one. I think. Which means I’ll probably find some untranslated Spanish line edits, now. But at least you have the defining story for 270º now.
Later addendum: Guess who found some untranslated line edits. Yep. (They're in now.)

The summer will reveal itself
To those whose hearts are true
And to the faithless few
Rise if you’re sleeping, stay awake
We are young supernovas, and
The heat’s about to break.

– High Hawk Season, the Mountain Goats

A gift and a piece of advice, Lord Aleph. )