Long Live No King

and you know the truth, I know it too
we've lost much since the world was new
gone 'round and 'round but now we're through
and you've left me and I've left you
but there is still one thing we can do
oh, I'd rather be at war than be dead
and I've never seen a light I couldn't spread
no, I've never seen a light I couldn't spread

{ Al + the Dark Materials }

July 2012

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Title: when we arrive alive at last
Rating: PG13 for dramatic irony
Wordcount: 8,325
Story / World: bracketverse
Challenge: [livejournal.com profile] 31_days: January 11 2012, fine line between love and alibis
Other: Spanning from around Plenipotentiary to after There Are Bodies On The Ceiling And They’re Fluttering Their Wings to a bit before Chondrilla juncea, spoiling appropriately.
Characters: Arianna Castor, David Smith, Isaac Corwin, Margaret Lowes, Tania Clark, the Miriam, Ciel Noline, Tulio Huitrón, Zeke Cartman, Zöe Cartman, Marc Taylor, Ariadne Shaw, Cosma Noline, January Salt, Theresa Kyle, Arcturus, Catherine Jones
Notes: Look! Ensemble! (Look! Omniscient... narration...)

who will be there to catch us in his jaws when we arrive alive at last?
i can't hear you in the dark, wish i knew where you'd gone

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